The yards had been mostly vacant on the street around the corner from our house, save for the tricycles, small bikes, and other toddler transportation. But the warmer weather brought out the owners of these wheeled treasures. On my way home, motion caught my left eye. She appeared to beContinue Reading

Rush Limbaugh single handedly revived AM radio. In 1988, his syndicated talk show brought people back to a place they had left for the FM dial. AM radio once was all we had. The advantage of the AM spectrum was the number of stations you could pick up, especially atContinue Reading

When we think of someone becoming an instant sensation, we think of the Internet. But long before AOL offered floppy disks and dial-up through an online platform (which, even as slow as it was, made calling Suddenlink today for tech support feel like you were riding on a bullet train),Continue Reading

We now take them for granted. But not so long ago, a washer and dryer were a luxury. Actually, a washer was a luxury. A dryer was for rich people. The small, red brick house we lived in on Beech Street when I was young had a clothesline. Most post-WorldContinue Reading

When you’re stuck in your house for weeks on end, there’s an undeniable temptation to eat more. It creeps up on you at first, but soon, the cravings hit you like a high school girlfriend who caught you looking at a cheerleader. Most of us justify this extra eating byContinue Reading