When I still lived at home with my parents I went to see my grandparents often. After I moved away from my hometown I made it a point to call my grandparents at least weekly. This was when long distance phone calls could cost as much as a few dollarsContinue Reading

The price you pay when you lose a beloved animal is so steep that every time I lose one, I always say, “Never again.” I’ve written about this topic before, but after following the adventures of a friend of mine’s dog on Facebook for a number of years, the newsContinue Reading

The old joke when I worked as a country music DJ was that our station played both kinds of music – Country and Western. But today, I don’t even recognize what’s called, “Country Music.” Every “country” song I hear now has virtually the same lyrics about tailgates, dirt roads, drinkingContinue Reading

Of all the buildings on my high school campus, there was only one in which I’d never entered. That was home economics. In the 1970s, guys didn’t take home ec. We took football, track, and other manly electives. Home economics was for girls. But on this day, nearly 40 yearsContinue Reading

The Old Farmer’s Almanac said it was time for me to plant my potatoes and corn. But the weather forecast called for a gullywasher. That’s a fancy weather term for a lot of rain. So I waited. And waited. And waited. When the rain finally stopped, I was two weeksContinue Reading