Dear Dave, We live in Colorado, and we need some advice on protecting our assets. My wife is a teacher, and I’m a nurse. We make around $180,000 a year combined, and we’re set to pay off our home next month. We also have two teenagers who are both driving,Continue Reading

Dear Dave, I went through a divorce a couple of months ago, and I’m not sure what to do next. I received custody of our kids, ages 13 and 15, plus I have a good job and I got the house in the settlement. It’s a nice, simple home, butContinue Reading

Of all the buildings on my high school campus, there was only one in which I’d never entered. That was home economics. In the 1970s, guys didn’t take home ec. We took football, track, and other manly electives. Home economics was for girls. But on this day, nearly 40 yearsContinue Reading

Dear Dave, My husband and I had our first child in December. We bought a house not long before the baby was born, and since then we’ve been getting mail and phone calls about buying mortgage protection insurance. We’re both 27, we have good jobs, and our mortgage is $105,000.Continue Reading

The Old Farmer’s Almanac said it was time for me to plant my potatoes and corn. But the weather forecast called for a gullywasher. That’s a fancy weather term for a lot of rain. So I waited. And waited. And waited. When the rain finally stopped, I was two weeksContinue Reading